25 September 2007

Trying To Get To Europe & New Alto

It’s incredible how difficult it is to find a reasonably priced to Europe from Britain these days. I can fly to Florida for £85 return per person, but have to shell out over £500 from Edinburgh to Prague in October. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!! This is the day and age of cheap air travel. Yeah, and my Auntie Mimie flies fighter jets! What’s the story with these cheap airlines?! Last year I flew to Brno in the Czech Republic for £30 - £40, this time I’ll have to sell my mountain bike. Anyway, it’s been a while since I wrote, cause I’ve been busy playing and trying out new saxophones. Great stuff, and a very cruel kind of confusion you can do to yourself. Here’s my new horn, it’s an Earlham Chicago Bronze and it’s absolutely beautiful. I play it with a Selmer C* or an Otto Link 6* rubber mouth piece, and I get the most warm sound I ever heard of an Alto. Even Miles likes the new horn, which is something because he always looks at me slightly puzzled when I’m trying new licks. – Peace, rice and vegetables Possums x

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And why Scotland...

In 1987 I was travelling around Europe when while in the South of France I came across a couple from Scotland. I liked them immediately and they said that I must go and visit the place. I didn’t even know where Scotland was, and I had absolutely nothing planned, so I said: “ok, why not, lets go and check the place out”. I didn’t go back to Germany for 5 years.

So, why Scotland, you may ask?... I think it’s the place, the people, the wilderness and all the things you just can’t find anywhere else. I love it!