26 August 2007

Ahoj Possums

What a weekend! We got a bike each for Janicka and Miles, and we've been out a bit around the meadows and stuff. Miles is so fast, he's giving his old man a good run for his money. Hey maybe I'm getting old Dudes but it's fun to watch my wee man cycling past me with a huge smile on his face.

Jana is now here for about 2 months and she's finding the weather here challenging, to say the least. The last couple of days have been ok, but boy - did we have a rubbish summer so far.

My album is coming along slowly and I'm not sure if it will be this year, but we'll have to see, and I can only do my best. On a happy note though, I'm so glad that I'm a lot closer to finding my sound. I'll try some Boss pedals, (Eq & Chorus, maybe). I tell you, I used to think that by now I'd have my band finally in shape, but it seems to never end with people's issues and getting the right personnel.

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And why Scotland...

In 1987 I was travelling around Europe when while in the South of France I came across a couple from Scotland. I liked them immediately and they said that I must go and visit the place. I didn’t even know where Scotland was, and I had absolutely nothing planned, so I said: “ok, why not, lets go and check the place out”. I didn’t go back to Germany for 5 years.

So, why Scotland, you may ask?... I think it’s the place, the people, the wilderness and all the things you just can’t find anywhere else. I love it!